Jeannine Vaughan

San Francisco, CA

Jeannine Vaughan

"I like to meet face-to-face at first. It's the best way to jumpstart a relationship."

Your story is important to me. If you have a marketing or communications problem that you need to fix but don't have time to sort out how, let's talk. I'll make the conversation worth your while.

I started Vaughan & Company because I knew there were companies that needed something different than big agencies had to offer. Since that time, we've developed creative solutions that cross the boundaries of how marketing 'should' work to help companies reach new customers and markets.

And it seems to be working. Since that time, we've worked with nearly every business sector from packaged goods to technology and know what works, regardless of what business you're in.

I like a challenge. Give me yours.

– Jeannine Vaughan