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Vaughan tech marketing Symantec Marketing Bootcamp


Vaughan & Company helped speed onboarding of Symantec employees from acquisitions with marketing training programs for both individual contributors and managers. Read more.

Vaughan & Company Autodesk Employee Communications Internal Branding


Change communications is the focus of our work at Autodesk. We're helping attract a new generation of talent with employee communications focused on collaboration. Read more.

Vaughan tech marketing Lucent


Vaughan and Company used simple language to help Lucent create collateral for its service providers to sell their "AnyMedia Messaging" suite of products to advance in their markets. Read more.

Vaughan and Company Sun Sales Training Systems Mapping

Sun Microsystems

Vaughan and Company created the first-ever Marketing Boot Camp for Sun Microsystems; Used systems thinking to find the gap between Sun's vision and its culture. Read more.

Vaughan tech marketing Pebblesoft


As a new start-up within Fujitsu, Pebblesoft needed a dynamic identity to tell its learning story. Vaughan & Company created collateral to appeal to both IT and HR constituents. Read more.

Vaughan and Company Sun Sales Training Systems Mapping


ePredix wanted to quickly build awareness for its predictive job performance software, so it turned to Vaughan & Company for a direct marketing strategy to reach prospects. Read more.

"We've helped technology companies look at their brands from the inside out."

Vaughan & Company first went to the Silicon Valley to convince tech marketers their buyers are consumers first and their employees are the best brand advocates.

Since that time, we've partnered with leading Bay Area technology companies to strengthen their brands in highly competitive market segments.

Employees Must Believe First

Especially with technology brands, employees must be able to articulate what the company is selling. We've paved the way for several tech giants by:

    • Creating the first-ever marketing training for Sun's 2000 marketing employees, Marketing Bootcamp;

    • Revamping Autodesk's intranets into visually compelling, engaging employee communication forums; and

    • Designing a global needs assessment of Sun's sales force to make their vision of solution selling a reality.

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