Vaughan Marketing for Omnichannel Retailers

San Francisco, CA

Vaughan internal branding

Gap Inc.

Created an internal branding campaign to deploy a mobile device security measure. Employees related to the Get Smart graphics, speeding program adoption. Read more.

Vaughan loyalty marketing

Beverages & More!

Designed a customer loyalty program using POS transaction data to create targeted mailings that garnered 60,000 members in six months. Read more.

Vaughan retail marketing

Restoration Hardware

Grew chain from 4 to 45 stores in two years with targeted direct marketing. Developed the company's first mail-order catalog, with positive first-effort ROI. Read more.

Vaughan affluent marketing campaigns


Researched corporate gift buyers to develop merchandise assortments and create catalogs to attract Fortune 500 business luxury goods gift buyers. Read more.

Vaughan direct marketing

Triple A Insurance

Developed integrated marketing strategies for CSAA membership acquisition and retention programs. Read more.

Vaughan identity and brand development


Developed an identity to launch KitchenAid's first licensed product, cookware. The new identity leveraged KitchenAid's brand equity rapidly gain a footprint in upscale stores. Read more.

Vaughan customer relationship marketing

Cost Plus

Using customer modeling launched new store markets with targeted direct marketing. Developed creative strategies that differented unique merchandise mix. Read more.

Vaughan customer acquistion and retention programs

World Savings

Giving away toasters for new deposit accounts isn't new, but we made it so with new merchandise incentives for World's value-driven customer base. Read more.

Vaughan digital marketing campaigns


Developed a relationship marketing plan for Tilia's FoodSaver driving customer usage by mapping transaction data to understand purchase dynamics. Read more.

retail marketing Macys


Created a branded direct marketing program for Tools of the Trade, Macy's private label group of housewares and tabletop merchandise for affluent home chefs. Read more.

Vaughan loyalty marketing program

Designed a monthly continuity marketing program based on wine preferences to increase loyalty and differentiate online retailer from traditional retailers with exclusive offers. Read more.

Vaughan Marketing to Affluent Women


With Circulon as the flagship brand, designed and produced advertising, packaging and in-store collateral for the world's largest cookware manufacturer. Read more.

"Things are not always what they seem. We take a closer look customer markets."

Vaughan & Company has an uncanny nack for uncovering hidden markets for products and services. Consumers have many dimensions. Consider:

Warren Buffet Buys His Suits at Sears.

Defying the conventional wisdom of how the affluent shop, Buffet doesn't dress to impress. It doesn't make sense to him. Purchasing dynamics aren't always obvious. While most know that women influence virtually every household buying decision, few know that women recommend brands ten times more than men. It pays to look at both sides of the coin.

Think Lateral to Move Forward.

Vaughan & Company looks at your market from the inside out to uncover marketing opportunities that others may have missed. But, it's not enough to keep your eyes open. Reaching pre-occupied consumers and keeping them engaged takes fresh ideas and the right mix of new, innovative marketing methods.

Expertise and Ideas.

20 years of working with clients in business sectors that include retail, consumer packaged goods and financial services affords us a unique perspective on what makes consumers tick.

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