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Guiding the Path to Purchase with Content Marketing

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Have a Strategy

Content marketing works best when brand, sales, and product align around the customer journey.

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Know Who Owns What

Define everyone's role in developing and curating content. A content audit can help define who's communicating what and how.

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Curate Your Content

Companies that excel at content marketing curate their content regularly to stay on message and draw buyers in.

executive communications San Francisco

Master the Story

Content marketing is not a sales pitch. Draw customers in by talking about them, not you. Learn more about telling a good story.

Stepping Stones to Brand Affinity and Purchase

The best content marketers take a strategic approach creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. The goal is to build a clearly defined customer audience, moving buyers closer to purchase and brand advocacy.

Don't Lead Buyers Astray

The problem with content marketing is that content factories are paid to churn out content by the pound, not by relevance. And, few companies have a singular owner or curator of the content, which can make the buyer's journey a meandering path.

It's an Emotional Journey

Business decisions are difficult, so buyers rally around shared emotions to purchase. More than half of executives make decisions based on their gut feelings, which can be influenced by stories that validate these feelings.

Tell Stories That Don't Drivel

Tell authentic stories to engage buyers. A compelling story is core to developing a customer-centric content strategy.

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