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internal branding
Gap Inc. Internal Branding Campaign

A lost mobile phone poses a potential personal and business risk due to the valuable data stored on it. Gap Inc.'s IT department needed to ensure that all employees installed new security software on their mobile devices to protect company data.

An event-driven campaign was developed to speed adoption of the security protocol. With a nod to the TV show, Get Smart, a branded campaign was designed.Employees related to the humorous theme, which accelerated adoption of the initative ahead of schedule.

internal branding
Autodesk Facilities Intranet Design

Vaughan & Company conducted research among CREFTS (facilities, travel, safety & security) executives to develop a brand positioning to communicate the way the group interacts with employees and better reflect the Autodesk brand.

With the new positioning and tagline "innovating the way we work" the CREFTS intranet site was revamped with user-friendly architecture and a contemporary site design. Engaging visuals, combined with witty, memorable copy attracted new site visitors and increased usage.

Autodesk Workplace Strategy

Leading a broad-based initiative to redesign workspaces to encourage collaboration and attract new talent, the Autodesk Workplace Strategy (AWS) team required a communications framework to build awareness of the program and keep employees informed.

Vaughan & Company developed a communications plan to keep employees informed as AWS pilot projects were initiated in various Autodesk locations across geographies. An intranet site with distinct messaging and visuals served as a central communications hub.

internal branding
Sun Microsystems Transformation Days

Change is essential to any organization's growth. However, it's not always easy to change the way we work. Sun University wanted to promote change for education with a worldwide symposium called "Transformation Days."

Vaughan and Company developed a widely accepted theme of Change is Natural to promote change as a positive, natural event, using images from nature and quotes from famous philosophers.


Walking and Talking the Brand in the Workplace

If what you're communicating to employees isn't the brand experience that you'd like your customers to have, it sends a confusing message to the marketplace.

Vaughan & Company specializes in intranet design programs, corporate presentations and other communications that companies apart, starting with employees.

Talk is cheap.

But great ideas can start with a good conversation.

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