Vaughan San Francisco Marketing Agency

San Francisco, CA

Vaughan and Company marketing

"Straight talk wins new customers. Careful listening wins their loyalty."

It's about conversation when and how customers want to engage. Meaningful dialogue helps acquire new customers and build loyalty.

Vaughan & Company takes a different approach to developing customer relationships by looking at your brand from the "inside out."

We use a proprietary online tool to measure brand value from the employee perspective. This snapshot from the "outside in," helps strenghten the consumer brand experience.

Conversations are between people— employees and customers. The dialogue must gain a customer's trust and value their mindshare.

Frequency is a factor of relevancy. Email blasts are just that. As consumers, we're inundated with email messages that are quickly tossed aside.

Sometimes a stamp is worth a try. When the email box is full, sometimes the letterbox is empty. Integrated marketing still works.