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San Francisco, CA

Nic Smith

Nic Smith

An organizational consultant with over 25 years of experience in accelerating business performance by enhancing the effectiveness of its primary asset—people.

If it's Tuesday... it must be Belgium.

Originally from the U.K., I have worked in over 30 countries for companies in hi-tech, telecommunications, banking, shipping, and retail.

Working with executive and leadership teams of Global 1000 companies, I help them understand the complexity within their organizations, align the organization to be more effective, and provide support to implement their strategy.

Cultural acumen.

I have tremendous experience in working across cultures, and in helping global and remote teams improve their effectiveness. My coaching helps executives improve their performance by challenging them to excel and grow.

Using our organizational assessment, System Mapping we rapidly identify organizational issues and develop sustainable solutions. I have a wealth of experience designing and delivering award-winning leadership programs that focus upon building capabilities and creating results.