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San Francisco, CA

Vaughan and Company Organizational Development

"A company's culture defines it brand. Know its elements inside and out."

Organizations are organic, holistic systems. How a company's brand is perceived starts with its culture.

Vaughan & Company employs systems thinking to look at how every aspect of a company—how it operates, what's measured and what's communicated affects how its brand is perceived.

Using research tools, such as culture pulse surveys, and one-on-one interviews, we can effectively 'thin slice' how a company's vision, value, and operations affect brand value.

Unlike traditional research that focuses only on brand experiences in external markets, a systems thinking apporach provides a holistic view of a brand, uncovering how management and employees can strenghten a company's brand in the marketplace.

Vaughan & Company succesfully used this approach at Sun Microsystems to uncover the disconnect between a vision of solution selling and the reality of field selling; and at Symantec to recommend marketing training to successfuly onboard employees from newly acquired companies. Learn more »