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A plot draws people in.

Customers and employees need authentic stories to connect to a company's vision and values. Stories guide us.

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Visuals are powerful words.

Our brains see letters as images, and we must string them together into words. The right picture is a shortcut to meaning.

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Facts get lost. Stories don't.

Just the facts ma'am. No, not really. Facts get jumbled when making choices, but a good story makes an indelible imprint.

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Gut feelings drive decisions.

A majority of executives make buying decisions based on their gut feelings. Stories kindle emotions that drive purchases.

My great Aunt Dot told stories with her portraits.

Dot owned the Dorothy Vaughan School of Art on Tuttle Avenue in Mobile, Alabama in the '40s. She painted stories of genteel women in the old South.

Storytelling is important to Southerners. Alongside the decorum, there are characters who commit faux pas, some considered worse than a crime. But that's ok. Southerners forgive most things, but boring isn't one of them.

In the South, drama is fine. Boring isn't.

No one is perfect. That's why storytelling is important. People relate to stories, because they see bits of themselves in the trials and tribulations of authentic characters. In business and life, it's the narrative that keeps us engaged.

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