Hi, my name is Jeannine Vaughan.

I was born in San Diego, a place of sun and sea. Its bright colors, beautiful gardens, and brilliant sunsets shaped me as an artist, designer, and a writer.

On a wing and prayer, I came to San Francisco and started my own advertising agency. I opened up shop in a crumbling brick building South of Market, home to artists and iconoclasts like myself.

It worked. And I still love what I do.

What drives me is taking an idea and making it resonate through words and visuals to tell a compelling story. I’m passionate about what I do. If you strongly believe that what you’re doing will make a difference in how people live or work, then let’s work together. I’ll help you tell the why of your brand. It’s your story and I’ll make it sing.

Jeannine Vaughan, Principal

My Passion

Finding ‘the idea,’ the one that makes consumers believers, employees advocates, and customers loyalists. Then, I bring the ‘idea’ to life with fresh creative until it sings.

Jeannine Vaughan, Principal
Jeannine Vaughan, Principal